– By John Keller – Gremlin drone swarms to overwhelm enemy defenses with reconnaissance and electronic warfare UAVs

U.S. military researchers want to develop the ability to use C-130 aircraft to launch drone swarms of networked and cooperating unmanned aircraft for electronic attack and reconnaissance missions from standoff ranges, and then use other C-130 utility aircraft to recover as many of these drones as possible. (…)
DARPA will pursue the Gremlins program in three phases: system and technology design; preliminary design; and prototype flight demonstration. This solicitation concerns only the first phase, will involve several different contractors, and spend about $15.8 million.Ultimately DARPA wants a Gremlins flight demonstration by early 2020 to show the feasibility and potential of air-launched, recoverable unmanned aircraft. Only phase-one contractors will be eligible to participate in the program’s second and third phases. (…)

*** Companies interested in participating in the DARPA Gremlins program should submit abstracts no later than 28 Sept. 2015, and full proposals no later than 17 Nov. 2015.  
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