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AUSA News : Game On For Next-Gen Robotic Combat Vehicle

(Source: – Patrick Tucker) – US Army to Stage Largest Robot Tank Experiment Ever Abstract & Link – A prototype next-generation robotic combat vehicle …

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Warfighter 21-4: The Very First Trilateral US-UK-French Army Exercise

By Murielle Delaporte – One for Three, Three for One : Towards Multinational Corps Warfighting – This article is based on interviews with two of …

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La semaine du 17 mai en revue / notre sélection de la presse francophone (2 sur 5)

Par Margaux Gastinel – (2) OPÉRATIONS EXTÉRIEURES Aperçu des OPEX de la semaine  Source : ministère des Armées Extrait  Afrique  : Opération Barkhane   « En …

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Counter-Terrorism In Africa : Resetting A Result-Based Approach Under President Biden?

By Murielle Delaporte  –  A version of this article has been previously published in Breaking Defense >>> It is of course a bit early …

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Operational Readiness Of The UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Fleet At Stake

(Source: Matthew Cox – – A ‘Disturbing Pattern’ of Deadly Army Black Hawk Crashes Has Lawmakers Asking Questions A Democratic senator from New York …

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