(www.militaryaerospace.com – By John Keller) – Navy researchers issue laundry list of anti-terrorism technologies for development and prototyping

U.S. Navy researchers are asking for industry’s help in developing a variety of new anti-terrorism technologies and prototype systems for fighting international terrorism.

Officials of the Navy Engineering Logistics Office in Arlington, Va., issued a solicitation this week (16-Q-4531) for the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office Broad Agency Announcement.

The program seeks innovative research and development projects in:

— advanced analytic capabilities (AAC);
— chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE);
— improvised device defeat/explosives countermeasures (IDD/EC);
— investigative and forensic science (IFS);
— irregular warfare and evolving threats (IW/ET);
— personnel protection (PP);
— physical security (PS);
— surveillance, collection, and operations support (SCOS);
— tactical operations support (TOS); and
— training technology development (TTD).

 Proposals may involve keywords such as acoustic signature; aerosol; air employable; aircraft; ammunition; analysis; android; anti-tamper restraint; attribution; augmented reality; ballistic clay; ballistic testing; biometric; biometrics identity intelligence; body armor; brilliant; and bullet.

Other keywords of interest include cardiological; cellular 3G LTE; chemical agents; chemical hazard; chemical warfare agents; classified processing; close air support; compact robot; computer based simulation; cyber media exploitation; data; decision support tools; decontaminated; defensive computer tactics; detection; detector; and disorient. (…)

Other keywords are mannequin; man-portable; maritime; mobile learning; mobile learning applications; multi-lingual data exploitation; navigation system; near field communication; needs analysis; next generation materials; non-attributable; non-intrusive; non-radioactive ionization; NSA Type 1 encryption; offensive cyber operations; offensive systems; packable; partner capacity building; partner nation assistance; personal protective equipment; photoreceptors; picogram; processing classified data; public safety. (…)

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