(http://defense-update.com- By Tamir Eshel ) – Drones Double Weapon Loadout with Laser-SDB

The U.S. Air Force is planning to increase the weapon loadout on its MQ-9 drones by integrating Guided Bomb Unit-39B/B, also known as laser small diameter bomb (LSDB) onto the drone. The weapon is integrated into the vehicle using a dual carriage system (combat aircraft use quad rails for SDB carriage), controlled via universal armament interface. The weapon has demonstrated an attack accuracy below 2 meters, improving precision over the GPS guided weapon and adding moving target attack capability.

The Reaper currently carries two GBU-12 Laser Guided Bombs – each 230 kg (500 pound), in addition to two Hellfire missiles, both are limited to short range attack patterns. Replacing each LGB with two LSDB at almost the same weight, the drone will be able to engage targets from a much longer range. In addition, while doubling the heavier laser munitions loadout. The lighter 125-pound LSDB delivers higher lethality yet require smaller danger zones to friendly forces and civilians nearby the targets. (…)


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