(S0urce : NATO Maritime Command) – NATO participates in Finnish exercise

The training exercise consists of a series of smaller exercises that focus on not only on mine countermeasures operations, but also on seamanship and coastal navigation. The smaller exercises have been planned to account for the situation caused by COVID-19, so that there will be no close contact between the crews”, says Commander of the Finnish 4th Mine Countermeasures Squadron, Commander Juhani Lehtimäki.

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group One (SNMCMG1) is training with the Finnish Navy over two days between 27-28 April, 2020.

The Finnish Navy’s Coastal Fleet is holding the International Mine Countermeasures Exercise in the Archipelago Sea, with participants from the Finnish Navy’s 4th Mine Countermeasures Squadron and SNMCMG1. (…)

From the Finnish side, the exercise involved the command echelon of the 4th Mine Countermeasures Squadron and Katanpää-Class mine countermeasure vessel Purunpää.

From NATO side, SNMCMG1 brought the German flagship Donau, the Dutch minehunter Willemstad and the Norwegian minesweeper Otra.


Pictures taken during a Finnish Passex in Finland. SNMCMG1 vessels FGS Donau, HNOMS Otra and the Dutech minehunter Willemstad is interacting with the Finnish minehunter Purumpaa.

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