(Source: Defense News – Aaron Mehta) – Biden announces new Pentagon-run China task force

President Joe Biden on Wednesday [the 10th] announced at the Pentagon a review of how the military is postured to deter China in the Pacific region. (…)

The effort, described by the department as a “sprint,” is aimed at delivering its findings to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin within four months; however, the report is not expected to include a public-facing document.

It will be made up of “up to” 15 civilian and uniformed officials, and will be led by Ely Ratner, a former deputy national security adviser to Biden who joined the department as Austin’s special assistant on China.

Per a department fact sheet, the authors will take a deep dive into the department’s strategy; operational concepts; technology and force structure; force posture and force management; intelligence; alliances and partnerships; and military relations with China.

Under the Trump administration, the Defense Department shifted itself to focus more on China, with resources increasing to the Pacific and the creation of the new role of deputy assistant secretary of defense to solely focus on China. (…)

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