Source: NBCnews / Courtney Kube –  U.S. intel: Nine probable Russian routes into Ukraine in full-scale invasion
The two most extensive invasion scenarios would involve a simultaneous attack from multiple sides, according to a U.S. military and intelligence assessment.

The Russian military could take nine different routes into Ukraine in a full-scale invasion, according to a U.S. military and intelligence assessment, and tanks could potentially reach Kyiv, the capital, within 48 hours.

Russia has already deployed nearly 100 of the military’s 168 battalion-tactical groups, composed of 800 to 900 troops each, with more flowing in every day. And President Vladimir Putin has dispatched personnel and equipment from six of the seven Russian special operations units, called Spetsnaz, according to the assessment. Each unit is made up of 250 to 300 elite fighters. (…)


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