Photo credit © Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience, an expert in autonomous hovering machine technology, announces that it will make its international debut at Eurosatory 2014, June 16-20 in Paris. In addition to its main exhibit in the Israel Pavilion, the company’s flagship product, HoverMast-100, will participate in live outdoor demonstrations twice daily during the show. The exhibition marks a peak in intense activity for Sky Sapience during the first half of 2014.

The HoverMast-100, compact, mobile, electric-powered, tethered aerial platform, has undergone operational evaluation in the Israel Defense Forces. Last month, the system was demonstrated at sea for key foreign customers; proving very effective for border control, observation and surveillance missions in a maritime environment. With a sea and land demonstration scheduled abroad before its arrival in Paris, the HoverMast-100 is gaining critical exposure as the only mobile, tethered hovering platform available in the market today.

At Eurosatory, the autonomous system, enabling 360⁰ over-the-horizon vision, will be demonstrated from a moving 4×4 pick-up truck. At the push of a button, the base will deploy the HoverMast’s aerial unit, rising to a height of 50 meters within seconds. Utilizing a CONTROP T-STAMP triple sensor payload, the visitors will observe highly stabilized video images and target coordinates seamlessly transmitted in real time via a wideband data link located in the cable connecting the aerial platform to the base unit. The short scenario planned will highlight the HM-100’s added value as a major force multiplier in military, HLS and civilian security operations.

Brig. Gen. (Res.) Gabriel Shachor, Founder and CEO of Sky Sapience said, “We are extremely proud that within the short period since our establishment in 2010, we have designed, produced, tested and have sold a system that fills such a necessary niche in the defense and security marketplace. With the recent completion of our in-house production facility, we will now be able to supply dozens of HoverMast units per year to our customers both in Israel and abroad.”

About Sky Sapience

Sky Sapience was founded in 2010 and is located in Yokneam, Israel. Its dedicated team members are experts in the fields of aeronautics, robotics, computer programming, electronics, and business management. It maintains two experiment facilities, a fully enclosed telemetry laboratory, as well as an in-house production line. With its flagship product, the HoverMast-100, a stabilized tethered platform, it leads the way in mobile, tethered hovering technologies.