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New missile will counter swarming boat threats.

Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) successfully completed flight tests of its Griffin™ C increased capability missile. The tests at Yuma Proving Ground,Arizona highlighted the missile’s In-Flight Target Update (IFTU) capability when it was redirected to a new target in mid-flight. IFTU is vital for naval forces facing swarming boat threats that often intermingle with friendly and neutral shipping.

“With its extended range motor, Griffin C’s increased capability addresses the need for a longer range missile with in-flight retargeting. Because they often operate in a high-traffic, littoral waters, naval warfighters must make split-second decisions to engage or disengage targets,” said Dr.Thomas R. Bussing, vice president of Advanced Missile Systems at Raytheon Missile Systems. “By enhancing an already tested and fielded system, we can deliver a missile with significantly improved capabilities at lower costs and risk.”

Griffin C, formerly called SeaGriffin™ went three-for-three in flight testing. Raytheon has now completed Griffin C’s development phase linking the new dual-mode seeker, data link and IFTU.

Raytheon conducted this flight test series to demonstrate the missile’s readiness as the Surface Warfare solution for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships Surface-to-Surface Missile Module.

About Griffin C- 

Raytheon’s Griffin missile, in production today, is a multi-platform, multi-service weapon that has a proven track record for successful rapid integration on land, sea and air assets. Griffin C, will add significantly increased capability to the Griffin B Block II variant that is currently fielded on U.S. Navy Patrol Coastal vessels.  Griffin C capability enhancements include:

  • An extended range motor that will triple the range of the current Griffin B
  • Dual-mode IIR/SAL seeker
  • Data link for in-flight target updates and positive missile control
  • Vertical launch with 360 degree coverage
  • Thrust vector control
  • Waypoint navigation