Photo credit © Boeing 

Boeing exceeds quality and repair performance qualifications.

Boeing will continue to repair and supply the guidance systems of the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) to the U.S. Air Force through September 2015, keeping the weapon system adequately stocked with spare missile guidance sets and on constant alert.

Under a $46.8 million contract, Boeing will serve as sole provider of maintenance and sustainment services on the NS50 guidance system, the navigational heart of the ICBM. Since 1998, Boeing has maintained the guidance systems in Heath, Ohio, ensuring spares are available for flight tests and nuclear hardness testing.

“All major milestones and repair demands have been met on schedule while maintaining program costs on or under targeted goals,” said Ellen Power, director of the Boeing Guidance Repair Center in Heath. “Solid performance, superior support to the warfighter, and commitment to excellence provided the foundation in obtaining this award.”

Boeing has consistently surpassed spares level requirements by 20 percent, and the Heath site has met or exceeded system quality requirements with “excellent” ratings for 18 years.