Drone Delivery The China Way: New Flying Rules Expected In An Airspace Controlled By The Military At 80%

Source: Bloomberg – Alibaba Drone Test Said to Prompt Concern From China Authorities

Chinese authorities are reviewing rules governing drone flights after concluding Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. violated regulations with a promotion to deliver goods remotely, according to people familiar with the matter.
A meeting of military and civil-aviation authorities found that Alibaba never sought military permission for the Beijing flights, which were deemed a security risk, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the gathering wasn’t made public. Alibaba and its partner in the Feb. 4 deliveries, Shanghai YTO Express Logistics Co., said at the time the deliveries complied with the necessary rules. (…)
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Source: Forbes – Why Alibaba’s Tea Delivery Test Is Not The Future Of Drone Delivery

Two Decembers ago, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos made a bet with the crew of 60 Minutes after luring its correspondent Charlie Rose to his company’s offices with an exclusive.

“If you can guess what it is … I will give you half my fortune.”

The exclusive, as we now know, turned out to be Amazon’s proposed delivery-by-drone system, at the time seemingly so revolutionary, that even the usually unfazed Rose let out an audible “Oh my God.”

But that was 2013. Drone delivery is not as far-fetched of an idea in 2015 as it was just a few years ago, despite it still being illegal for Amazon to test such a system in the United States.

So when Alibaba announced that it would be testing a drone delivery service this week in China, some saw this as the Chinese e-commerce giant beating its American counterpart to the punch and proving to the world that drone delivery could work now, not four to five years from now as Amazon had stated. (…)

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