According to a story on the Norwegian Ministry of Defence website published on January 30, 2015, Norway will host the NATO Response Force this Fall.

Noble Ledger is a defence exercise conducted by NATO Response Force (NRF) starting mid-September. The exercise will mainly be executed in the southeast part of Norway.

The first to react in case of emergency

Noble Ledger prepares troops for their responsibilities as NATO Reponse Force. As of the beginning of 2015, this force will be the first to react in case of emergency, such as a humanitarian crisis or an armed conflict.

High-readiness NATO Response Force is a joint force of around 13,000 high-readiness troops, and is made up of land, air, maritime and special operations forces components from the members of NATO.

The response force demonstrates cohesion within NATO as well as a mutual commitment to the treaty. German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian troops are contributors to exercise Noble Ledger.


Preparing the Norwegian Armed Forces

International cooperation and exercises prepare the Norwegian Armed Forces to solve similar missions together with allies.

Experience from exercises such as Noble Ledger contribute to the Norwegian Armed Forces ability to defend Norwegian values and interests, on a national scale as well as internationally.

Troops visible to the public

NATO troops are visible to the public where the exercise takes place. Ships loaded with equipment will arrive at Brevik and Fredrikstad between 2 September and 14 September..

The equipment is then transported mainly by train from Brevik and Fredrikstad to Rena and Elverum.

Train transportation reduces road traffic and noise. Withdrawal will happen between 27 September and 2 October.

All troop movements and transportation will be executed with least possible burden to the infrastructure in Norway.

In case the presence leads to any delay, we kindly ask for the understanding of the public.