(Source: ukdefencejournal.org.uk) – The New Entente Cordiale: An Alliance for the 21st Century

During a scene in director Joe Wrights new Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour, the French premier and his assembled generals are visibly irritated by the Prime Ministers overconfidence and perceived ignorance upon hearing of the collapsing French lines. “Well he is English” they concur snidely.

The following article was contributed to the UK Defence Journal by Sam Flint.

Such are Anglo-French relations, imperfect and uneasy, but when the situation has seemed bleakest, we stand together as equals.

This unique relationship, unlike Britain’s deference to the U.S., comes as a result of a shared history. Adversaries for most of it, Britain and France have played a similar role on the edge of Europe, with distinct national characteristics, but a shared belief in democracy and liberty, and great resolve to protect it.  (…)

The 21st century of course poses new challenges. A recalcitrant Russia interrupting elections and intimidating its neighbours, a belligerent North Korea, an Iran stuck at the crossroads between integration with the international community and regression into clerical repression, and crucially, a rising red dragon in the East.

China under Xi Jinping is becoming increasingly aggressive and authoritative, recognising its great wealth and strength in Asia. (…)

Little, unless again we stand together. Britain and France are the military powers of Europe. We have by far and away the best standing armed forces, equipment, and economy to pay for them, and we are both crucially on the UN security council. Such resources when pooled together could pose a genuine force for intervention around the world, not just militarily, but with the power to invest in developing countries and make a case for democracy that the current leader of the free world, President Trump, will find difficult to make.

President Macrons recent visit to the UK promised just that. (…)

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Photo : HMS Defender and aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle © as published in ibid