(Source : militaryaerospace.com) – Disruptions of coronavirus pandemic to impose 4-to-12-week lag in military electronic parts supply chain
“We will see lead times push out a minimum of four weeks, and for as long as 12 weeks,” says Don Akery, president of electronic parts distributor TTI.

Effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus on the U.S. military electronic parts supply chain likely will push-out lead times from four to 12 weeks from order to delivery over what manufacturers had come to expect before the pandemic swept over American shores.

(…) Defense integrators ranging from circuit board manufacturers to finished military platform designers had been complaining about delivery delays of electronic parts since at least 2018 because of a towering wave of demand triggered by Trump defense budget increases, which began shortly after President Trump took office in early 2017. (…)

Still, the defense electronics industry has been able to add capacity to make up the supply shortfall, and saw the market start to sort itself out early this year. “They have put more capacity in place, so lead times have been stabilizing,” Akery says.

Then the coronavirus pandemic started taking its toll on the global electronics supply chain beginning around late January. “Two to three weeks from now we will see the lead-times push out again,” Akery explains. “I would say we will see lead times push out a minimum of four weeks, and for as long as 12 weeks.” (…)


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