(Source: Mer et Marine Euronaval Special Issue) – SDV/SLV
Several French companies specializing in robotics and underwater vehicles are active in this market. The ECA Group won the French Navy contract to produce the PSM3G third-generation swimmer delivery vehicle developed in collaboration with the celebrated Hubert squad based near Toulon. The first units will be operational late 2020. This type of vehicle is typically used for offensive, intelligence and logistical missions. Although the specifications are classified, the PSM3G is expected to offer good endurance and stealth, feature a high-performance navigation system and enable up to ten commandos to infiltrate enemy waters with the utmost discretion. The air-transportable PSM3G will be deployable from a coast, a surface vessel or a Barracuda-type SSN equipped with a dry deck shelter, a removable module mounted behind the sub’s sail.

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