(Source: defensenews.com – Jen Judson) – The Pentagon is building a school to teach the force how to defeat drones

The Pentagon has identified a lack of institutionalized training when it comes to defeating drone threats and is developing a common regimen across the joint force, according to an official with a new office dedicated to countering small unmanned aircraft systems. (…)

Creating a training element toward countering small drones is one part of the Pentagon’s larger effort to develop enduring C-sUAS capabilities that keep pace with the evolution of UAV threats. The Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office, or JCO, was stood up earlier this year and has already selected interim systems to fill the gap while it develops capabilities for future threats. (…)

The office will develop a “common core C-UAS program of instruction,” publish joint tactics, techniques and procedures, and update existing doctrine to refine and improve educational baselines across the force, according to Morgan. The program will also create basic identification and employment principals for all counter-drone systems at every level of the joint training enterprise. (…)

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Photo © The Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office is spearheading an effort to get after the training side of countering drone threats, which includes the establishment of a school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma,  Marion Jo Nederhoed, US Army, as published in ibid