(Source : Nextgov.com – Brandi Vincent) – More than 60 robotics-boosted surgical procedures were performed since March—and the program will likely expand in the next year

Patients who undergo operations on organs inside their chests—thoracic surgeries—often endure long recovery periods and invasive procedures doctors perform intricately by hand.

But for some of those surgeries this year at the Columbia Veterans Affairs Health Care System in South Carolina, incisions were made and patients’ insides were mended by the arms of a robot.

The Da Vinci XI robotic surgical system has been assisting the Veterans Affairs Department’s medical personnel there with procedures for months now, and according to those involved, it’s enabling a new level of precision and accelerating patients’ recoveries.

“Overwhelming evidence has shown certain operations have equal or better surgical results using the robot compared to traditional methods,” Dr. JW R. Bolton, chief of surgery at the Columbia VA HCS, told Nextgov via email Friday. “The Columbia VA wanted to provide veterans with the latest, state-of-the-art technology found at other private sector hospitals and improve our patient care for veterans in need of surgery.” (…)

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