Source: European Commission / Service européen d’action extérieure – MILEX23: EU carries out first military live exercise in Cádiz

From 16 to 22 October, the EU will carry out its first-ever live exercise from the Rota Naval Base located in Cádiz, Spain. On 17 October, the High Representative will participate in a demonstration of the exercise. (…)

Approximately 2,800 personnel from Member States will simulate the initial phase of a stabilisation operation, involving the Spanish amphibious assault ship ‘Juan Carlos I’, leading an amphibious task group comprising 31 units including maritime, air, land, space and cyber assets.

Over the coming week, Member States’ armed forces will train their capability to act as a credible global security provider, as underlined in the Strategic Compass. The outline of the exercise will involve the preparation for the operation, an amphibious assault, securing and controlling the Seaport of Debarkation followed by the insertion of land enablers to ensure a safe and secure environment. [1]


[1] This LIVEX is a crucial step in the preparation of the EU Rapid Deployment Capacity (EU RDC) (…) [and] represents the EU’s need for common training and exercises of its personnel to test and validate its concepts, procedures and tactics. Similarly, together with future LIVEX, it is a step further to reach full operational capability of the Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) by 2025, which should become the EU’s preferred command and control structure, including for the EU RDC.


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Photo: Lt Gen Van der Laan receiving a briefing from Maj Gen Werner Albl, Chief of Staff of the MPCC, at the commencement of MILEX 23  ©