Source : – L’article ci-dessous décrit le système de défense anti-aérienne israélien. Un système multi-couches composé des éléments suivants :

  • L’ Arrow pour les missiles de longue-portée.
  • Le David Sling pour les missiles de moyenne portée.
  • Le système Patriot pour les missiles de courte-portée, les avions et les drones.
  • Le Dôme de fer pour les roquettes de courte-portée.


Voir un extrait et le lien de l’article en anglais ci-dessous :

Here’s the air-defense system that protected Israel from Iran’s drones –

(AP) — An incoming attack by more than 300 Iranian drones and ballistic missiles was the latest challenge to Israel’s air defense system, which already has been working overtime to cope with incoming rocket, drone and missile attacks throughout the six-month war against Hamas.

Israel’s defense system with assistance from the U.S. and Britain is credited with preventing serious damage or casualties.

Here’s a closer look at Israel’s multilayered air-defense system:

The Arrow: This system developed with the U.S. is designed to intercept long-range missiles, including the types of ballistic missiles Iran said it launched on Saturday. The Arrow, which operates outside the atmosphere, has been used in the current war to intercept long-range missiles launched by Houthi militants in Yemen. (…)


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Photo: a Patriot battery and a model of an Arrow 3 ballistic missile are on display at Hatzor Airbase in Israel in 2018© Ben Hartman, ibid