(A White Paper By ECA) – Air-Land Robotics & Integrated systems for Defence and Security

Since 1936, ECA Group’s highly skilled personnel have been designing, developing, and supporting robotic systems worldwide. These, as well as training simulators, remotely operated systems and special equipment, support the Homeland Security, Special Forces, Naval, Land and Air Force domains. ECA Group provides a complete range of solutions in all operational environments. From Remotely Operated to Unmanned and Autonomous vehicles.

Mission driven and tailored to individual customers’ specifications, ECA Group’s systems are interoperable and provide complete sensor choice.

For many years, ECA Group has been focusing on robust R&D efforts in developing systems of robots. Its robotic solutions are optimized to successfully perform missions at Sea, on Land & in the Air.

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

For Land Forces, ECA Group’s range of Unmanned Ground robots are capable to handle missions for both military and civilian applications, such as IEDD/EOD, demining and trap removal operations. It enables to clear missions even in the most confined areas, thanks to the different sizes of its range: from the small UGV Cobra MK2 E to bigger UGVs such as Cameleon E & Iguana E.

Discover also the UGV based solution MAMBA, a complete vehicle solution to achieve quickly all IEDD/EOD operations. The vehicle contains its ground robots and a set of EOD accessories for rapid deployment. The Operator Control Unit is integrated inside the vehicle for safe operation.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

For Air surveillance missions, ECA Group designs and develops Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Specifically designed to carry intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and recognition (ISTAR) missions. ECA Group UAVs can be used autonomously or using a tethered mode for permanent missions.

The group has also developed an Anti-drone application UAV, called “The Paradrone” for the neutralization of malicious drones and operator identification in the domain of Law Enforcement.


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