Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty – Expectations Rise Of Ukrainian Counteroffensive After Unconfirmed Reports Of Dnieper Crossing

Reports that the Ukrainian military has crossed the Dnieper River and established positions on the eastern side heightened expectations on April 23 that Kyiv is on the verge of its long-awaited counteroffensive.

The influential U.S. Institute for the Study of War (ISW) argued in its regular update on April 22 that “Russian milbloggers have provided enough geolocated footage and textual reports to confirm that Ukrainian forces have established positions in east [left] bank Kherson Oblast as of April 22 though not at what scale or with what intentions.”

The ISW added that geolocated footage from Russian military bloggers indicated that Ukrainian forces had established a bridgehead north of the town of Oleshkiy and that they have put in place “stable supply lines to these positions” in the Kherson region.

Battlefield reports could not be independently confirmed.

Many experts have said — and Ukrainian leaders have hinted — that a major spring counteroffensive by Kyiv’s forces is in the works.

One suggested goal would be to split the land corridor the Kremlin’s forces have established between the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula and Russia itself.

(…) Ukraine’s General Staff said Russia’s “main effort is focused” on offensive operations in the areas of Bakhmut, Maryinka, and Avdiyivka.

It said it had fought off 58 attacks in the past day, and warned of the possibility of missile and air strikes around the country.


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