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New Delhi. INS Sahyadri, one of India’s latest indigenously designed guided missile stealth frigate, has reached Pearl Harbor for the multilateral RIMPAC (Rim of Pacific) exercise with the US and other navies. This is the first time that an Indian warship is in the US waters for an exercise. The Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army have though interacted with the respective US forces both there as well as in India to enhance wargaming perspective.

According to a Ministry of Defence statement here, INS Sahyadri reached Pear Harbour on July 1 for a month long engagement. During the stay there, the ship’s crew would be participating in harbour exercises, professional interactions, military symposiums, sports events and social fixtures being conducted as part of the Harbor Phase of RIMPAC 14.

Subsequently, during the Sea Phase, the ship will participate in various exercises with navies from different countries, covering the entire gamut of maritime operations including anti-surface, anti-submarine, anti-air and Carrier Strike Group operations. Live firing is also done as part of the exercises.

INS Sahyadri’s participation in RIMPAC-14 will serve to reinforce naval ties with USA and other participating countries, as well as contribute immensely towards enhancing interoperability with friendly navies.

The vessel covered a distance of over 5000 nautical miles (9000 Km). Commanded by Captain Jyotin Raina, she is manned by 25 officers and 255 sailors of different specializations/ branches. Based in Vishakhapatnam as part of the eastern Naval Command, she had a brief halt of three days en route in Darwin, Australia from June 10 to 13.

The multi role stealth Sahyadri, a Shivalik class ship, boasts of an array of weaponry in her arsenal. Long-range anti-ship missiles, medium and short range surface to air missiles augmented by powerful guns of different calibers provide a formidable shield against all types of threats.

Two integral multi-role helicopters carried by the ship act as force multipliers in all maritime scenarios due to their versatility and long range. She was commissioned just about a year ago on 21 July 2012.

INS Sahyadri has weapons and sensors from various sources, including from France, Russia and Israel. There is also an interesting piece of equipment from the US which makes deafening noise to hit any intruder who comes near her. India’s state-run BEL has developed a special radar for the Navy to help integrate secure communication between various naval assets.

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