Source: Tom Temin / Federal news Network – National Science Foundation launches brand new directorate with ambitious goals

The National Science Foundation has established a new directorate, the first new one in 30 years. It’s called the Technology, Innovation and Partnerships (TIP) Directorate. For what it’s all about, NSF Director Sethuraman Panchanathan and Assistant Director for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships Erwin Gianchandani joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

Interview transcript [Abstract]:

(…) Sethuraman Panchanathan: (…), I think we’ll have both societally motivating, grand challenge-like problems, like climate is a good example. Now we are emerging out of this pandemic. And that has shown us that there’s a lot of need for how do we get fundamental science and the outcomes both happening at the same time, and that promotes rich outcomes that we are seeing today playing out real time. So as well as that, we are also looking to technologies, emerging technologies like quantum, or technologies like AI, Advanced Wireless, advanced manufacturing, advanced semiconductors, right? Synthetic biology, biotechnology, so you can think of all these as tremendous opportunities for us to build ecosystems of prosperity everywhere. (…)

How do we therefore build innovation ecosystems everywhere across the nation? It might be in a place the best possible smart agriculture environment that we can build. Right? And that then spurs on entrepreneurship, new industries, as well as new talent being generated, both at the same time. (…)


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