The OIS Group announces the availability of its Mobile Wind Profiler Radar for making vertical profiles of Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature, and Relative Humidity.  The system can make Wind speed profiles from three to five kilometers, and Temperature and Humidity profiles up to 10 kilometers in height.  Available in either fixed or mobile configuration the system is specially targeted at the meteorological measurement requirements of the defence and security services. The system has applications for such users as the Artillery, the Air Force and for Naval forces. The OIS Group systems are designed to be easy to operate and maintain.

We are pleased at the OIS Group to announce the availability of a mobile wind profiler radar, especially designed to cater to the needs of the defence customer. This will help the user meet its mission requirement in a more accurate and effective manner. The OIS Group continues its quest in working on high technology products that provide a valued difference”, said Sanjay Bhandari, Chairman and Managing Director of the OIS Group of companies.

The OIS Group’s Mobile Radar Wind Profiler System offers all the state of art features found in the most sophisticated Radar profiling systems. Using solid state Radar technology along with the microwave radiometric techniques these Mobile Profiling Radars have been specifically designed to accurately measure Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Temperature and Humidity vertically at varying heights above the installation site. Using the latest sophisticated Signal Processing Algorithms these Radars are packed with features not found in any similar competitive systems.