(Stars and stripes – Phillip Walter Wellman) – Army brigade uses mini drones for first time in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Members of the first Army infantry brigade to be issued pocket-sized drones are putting the devices to work in southern Afghanistan.

Paratroopers from the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, used the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System last week to support a foot patrol in Kandahar province, a statement by the division said.

Army photos of the patrol Friday show troops deploying at least one drone, which resembles a miniature helicopter, during a counterterrorism mission.

“The Black Hornet provided overhead surveillance for the patrol as it gauged security in the region and spoke to local Afghans about their concerns,” the statement said, adding that paratroopers “routinely employ the system” to reduce combat risks. (…)


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*** For more information, see the following video featuring an interview with Arne Skjaerpe, the vice president for UAV operations at FLIR Systems back in 2017 >> www.youtube.com